Saturday 16 February 2013

Next Stop: Western States 100

I few days ago I finally signed up for the Blackfoot Ultra running race. You can choose between 3 distances: 50 km, 50 miles and 100 km. I opted for the 50 miles as I know I can to run 50 km, and a double marathon seemed to be a more challenging endeavour. 100 km on the other hand was a smidgeon too much ... is it? No, actually also signed up for the Lost Souls Ultra 100 km race in September, which conveniently, is an official qualifying race for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. CRAZY, eh? Yes, I think so too, but maintaining challenging goals in your life is what keeps life thrilling! However, even if I would qualify for the Western States 100 (Lost Souls 100 km < 15 hours) there is still a lottery ahead. Every person who qualifies will enter a lottery from which the actual participants will be selected (see here for more info).

Seriously, I have no clue how this will turn out but I am very excited. For some reason I think I would be able to deal with this sort of races --- but who knows.

How about triathlon? I think I got a bit tired of doing Ironmans, or rather travelling with the bike on the plane, paying for the ridiculously high priced entry fees, accommodation etc. However, I certainly have some business to finish in Kona but this will most likely happen when we can afford it without having to recover from the financial damage for 6 months. But I will still participate in local races every now and then and of course, as I mentioned in my previous post, pick up triathlon coaching. I really feel that it's time to pass on what I have learned during all these years.

That's all for now. Stay tuned and lace 'em up!