Sunday 1 April 2012

28 weeks of dedication

Tomorrow I will start my 28 week journey to to be in the shape of my life for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. I feel very good and I am extremely motivated. My training schedule is broken into two chunks: The first chunk is a 13-week training block ending with The Great White North Triathlon (GWN) on July 1st. Two weeks earlier I will also race the Chinook Half. This will be my first triathlon of the year and I already cannot wait to be at the start line. Within in these first 13 weeks there will also be a few cycling road races, and finally, I will do the Frank McNamara Cross Country Running Series this spring for the first time since I am in Edmonton. I am pretty excited about that! These first 13-weeks are mainly characterised by speed and fast interval workouts. That means I will not spending so much time doing long distance stuff during this period but rather push myself out of the comfort zone!
After GWN I am going to have a week off and will then start the second chunk of 14-weeks Ironman specific training. The goal of this training block is to carry over the speed I have hopefully gained into more distance. That means I will decrease the intensity somewhat, increase distance and spend most of the time at goal race pace in each sport - not more or less. So, what's goal race pace? Well, this will be something that keeps my on track for a 9 to 9:10 hour finishing time. Pretty stiff goal but as my supervisor likes to say "Go big, or go home". It will be extremely tough, there is no doubt, but I feel I can do it and I will funnel all the energy I have into that one goal of being Top 5 in the age group M30-34 at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii 2012.

Finally, I would also like to thank Jack Cook for putting me on the Fast Trax 2012 Run Team and I am very grateful for his support. Thanks Jack!!

UPDATE (13 April 2012): I will also do the Sylvan Lake Half this year on July 22, that is 3 weeks after the Great White North Triathlon.